Making Electronics Accessible for Everyone

Circuits Master is an online tool that helps you in translating your electronics project from idea to reality

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How it Works

Create Amazing Electronics in Minutes


Decide what you want to create.


Tell CircuitsMaster in an intuitive way what you want the electronics to do.


Receive the circuit scheme you need, with the microcontroller code and extra information about each part.


Order the components and build the circuit.

Introducing Circuits Master

Watch the video. It's takes only 2 minutes.


Proven benefits of Circuits Master


The average user is 95% faster with Circuitsmaster when compared to current workflow.

Amazing Successrate

Anyone can succeed in creating amazing electronics projects.


Circuits Master provides you with all the information to advance your knowledge in electronics.

Easy to Use

A simple series of screens guide you in telling CircuitsMaster what you want to build.

It gives me a clear image of what is possible and how to make it!

Julia van Zilt

Industrial Designer

Circuits Master motivates me to do more complex projects

Jelle Kiers

DIY hobbyist

A great way to get started with Electronics

Giuseppe Fortuna

Student Electrical Engineer

Now Being Developed

Extending the demo to a powerful, reliable and easy-to-use tool takes time and expertise. Currently the development of CircuitsMaster is in process and it is expected to be finished in December 2017.

Together we can make it happen!

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Media and Support

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About me

I am an Industrial Designer with an expertise in Electrical Engineering. In my field of work I observed many designers having great ideas, but having troubles with creating prototypes when those involved electronics.

This inspired me to create an application to assist designers with the electronics in prototypes.

This later evolved to Circuits Master, an application that makes the use of electronics possible for everyone.

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Some FAQ

Feel free to contact us if you can't find your answer here.

Mid-June a kickstarter campaign will be launched. If we get enough support the application will be launched in September/October.

Yes, up until a certain extend. Everything that can reasonably expected in a DIY project or prototype is planned to be included. There will ofcourse be a limit to the possibilities of Circuits Master. It will for example not be possible to design the electronics of a full computer with this application. But the limit will not be a reachable limit for the user group.

Our goal is to include as much possibilities as possible in the system. If it may happen that you cannot make what you want to make with Circuits Master, you can always adjust the code or circuit scheme yourself in order to personalize it even more. Also, let us know if this is ever the case, in this way we can keep improving the application.

Yes, definitely. It does not only teach you the right way of thinking when creating electronics, but it also provides you with all the information you want and sources of more in-depth information. Every circuit part is explained and the Arduino code is fully commented in order to make you understand what is happening in which line of code.

Our Timeline

A brief history and future of Circuits Master.

Concept Created

February 2017

After research to find the needs of the target group, a first concept was created to satisfy these needs.

First Prototype

March 2017

A prototype was created and tested to find the potential of the application and collect feedback. The test showed amazing potential.

Finished Demo

May 2017

The feedback was processed and the application was improved. Enough functionality was programmed into the system to have a proper demo and share the idea.

Team Formation

May 2017

A team is formed at the moment to realize the development of the system when the kickstarter campaign succeeds.

Start of the Kickstarter Campaign

June 2017

Funding is needed to realize this system. Therefore a kickstarter campaign will be launched mid-June.

First Launch

September 2017

If the kickstarter campaign succeeds, the team can develop the application and it will be launched in September.

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