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Ward Seetsen
Electronics Expert
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Frontend and Mobile Developer
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Julia van Zilt
Marketing and Social Media
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You               make
want to
a robot
smart lighting
a thermostat
automatic doors
a rubber band gun
a dancing bunny
a smart home
a synthesizer
a dancing robot
an electric piano
an mp3 player
a sleep tracker
a motion sensor water gun
a coffee refill machine
automatic car parking
an RFID door lock
a car speedometer
a greeting robot
a soccer robot
an electronic bartender
an automatic pet feeder
an automatic water gun
motion detected light
an automated photo boot
an alarm clock
an electronic clock
a drone
an aquarium control
electronic pranks
voice controlled light
a climate control system
a RFID scan-in system
a robotic arm
chrismas lights
a home automation system
an automatic trash can
a traffic light
a mood light
a TV remote
a smart fan
a robotic hand
anything !